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The Psalm is arranged in an acrostic pattern. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and this Psalm contains 22 units of 8 verses each. Each of these 22 sections is given to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and each line in that section begins with that letter. The closest parallel to this pattern in Scripture is found in Lamentations 3, which is also divided into 22 sections, and there are a few other passages in Hebrew Scripture which use a pattern of acronyms.

Since this Psalm glorifies God and His Word, it mentions Scripture over and over again. The Psalm is remarkable in that it often speaks of God’s written revelation, His word. It is mentioned in almost every verse. The Masoretes said that God’s Word is mentioned in every verse except Psalm 119:122. Other people count differently (with disagreements about verses 84, 90, 121, and 132). But Scripture is mentioned in at least 171 of the 176 verses.

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Enjoy the silence depeche mode letra

“The word ‘untied’ is the one that has reached us the most”, reiterated Fa, while Vázquez has detailed that to the footballer’s friends “it seemed strange that he went to bed so late taking into account that the next day he had training”. Fa has put time to the “many night outings”: they are extended “until two or three in the morning,” he says.

The exclusive of the ‘affair’ of Piqué has overwhelmed the rest of the news that the paper couché published this week, as the wedding of the ‘influencer’ Marta Lozano in ‘¡Hola!’ and the interview of Maria Teresa Campos in ‘Diez Minutos’. They have also dealt with the case of the actor Luis Lorenzo, who along with his wife has been accused of alleged murder by poisoning.

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The ‘Mamarazzis’ have talked about this and more in chapter 14 of the video podcast, which can also be heard on the main podcast platforms, such as Ivoox, Spotify, Ivoox, Podimo and Apple Podcast.

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I think so, and it’s great. In the end it’s bringing empowerment to a discotheque. There is a lot of sexual language expressed by women in the urban world. That’s cool if they want to sing it, because that’s what feminism is and we have to respect each other. But within the urban scene there have to be other aspects.

It is a very personal reflection, but now it seems that all supposedly feminist urban songs talk about a sexuality that only men enjoy. No Pajamas or “I like older women who don’t fit in my mouth”.

I walked out of a session for Becky G -she thankfully didn’t sing in the end- where the chorus went “I want you to wet me with your hose all night long”. So that’s sexual fulfillment for a woman? Sure, they’re men writing what they’d like women to say.

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Right. What I like about songs like Lo Malo or Caprichosa is that they also have messages with double meanings, with a lot of sexuality. “Let’s do the Ten Commandments” or “let’s play rock, paper, scissors”. But I decide what I want to do, I’m not just the one who gets your “hose” and opens my mouth, like those songs say.

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