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Don’t lose your sanity and escape from a 19th century psychiatric hospital, or try to get out of the terrifying surgery clinic you’re trapped in. You’ll also find yourself imprisoned in a castle on a spooky Halloween night, or every student’s worst nightmare: getting trapped at school!

The funniest characters try to get in or out of incredible places: accompany the pandas captured by pirates, or the monkeys in Monkey GO Happy. Solve the mysteries and complete the levels and tests that will allow you to reach the longed-for freedom.

You will find the classic prison escape games, room escape games, object search games, house escape games… but there are also novelties and we bring you new escape games that will allow you to test your skills with new adventures and mysteries to solve. What are you waiting for to find your favorite free escape game?

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The background of the series dates back to the beginning of 2021, when the independent content production company Dopamine -owned by Grupo Salinas- together with NBCUniversal Formats, signed on February 22, 2021 an alliance and collaborative production agreement to produce a Mexican version of the TV series Superstore.[9][10] The shooting of the series took place from July to November 2021, having a confirmed 48 episodes for broadcast.[11][12] The series was filmed from July to November 2021, having a confirmed 48 episodes for broadcast.[11][12] The employees of the store receive a visit from reporters and editors of El Penacho magazine.

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The store’s employees receive a visit from reporters and editors from El Penacho magazine, which, comes a great opportunity for the store to be able to show why they are different from the competition and why they consider themselves as an option in the supermarket market; although everything seemed to be going well, Gervasio is prone to make mistakes.[24] In addition, there is a contest to make the promotional jingle that represents them, which, Michelle sees as a golden opportunity for Byron Mix to enter the contest. Meanwhile, one of the magazine’s reporters discovers the double life that Jonah is hiding.[24] In the meantime, a reporter for the magazine discovers the double life that Jonah is hiding.

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The platforms are full of premieres that help us spend the forties immersed in their stories. But, in addition to the most cutting-edge series, isolation is a good time to relive those fictions that marked us or made history in our television. Whether you are immersed in nostalgia like Sara Carbonero and her Verano azul marathon, or if you are a millennial eager to learn, don’t miss these titles.

The series tells the adventures of Francisco Jiménez, a boatman from Cantillana, a man who has killed several people in the town where he lives for defending his personal rights. After these events he decides to change his way of life and move into the field of bandits, where he becomes the leader of a band under the name of Curro Jiménez. Set in the 19th century, the action takes place in the mountains of Ronda, in Malaga, with the Andalusian banditry as protagonist, with persecutions by the justice, with gestures of a kind bandit, a guerrilla against the French, stories of love, courage and nobility where even humor has its place.

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